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Artist Statement

reconcile (verb)

  1. to restore to friendship or harmony; settle; resolve

  2. to make consistent or congruous

  3. to cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant

  4. to check against another for accuracy; to account for

In her artwork, Kim Morski explores the act of reconciling as a way to give an account or facilitate restoration in personal, social, and political contexts. Printmaking is the primary conceptual and material framework for her practice, which includes works on paper, artist’s books, handmade objects, and participatory events. Drawing inspiration from history, theology, current events, and personal experience, Morski’s work includes a broad range of subjects—from Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations to covert, Cold War-era military operations. She combines her own imagery and text with appropriated and found content to construct non-linear narratives that reflect on specific events while resonating with broader contemporary issues. Linked to the rich, democratic traditions of protest and social commentary through printmaking, she takes a decidedly poetic approach to struggle with the human need for connection.

Morski’s current work looks at the dehumanizing effects of technology and the ways that data obsession and reliance on devices erodes our sense of intuition. Responding to developments in the Internet of Things, she is making a series of handmade objects that blend real and imagined “smart” technologies to enhance human capabilities. She is also exploring the marketing language surrounding tech products in a series of prints and drawings. In this new work, Morski uses tongue in cheek language to challenge the normalization of digital connectivity over physical connection and presence.

About the Artist

Kim Morski is visual artist based in Denver, CO. Her work in printmaking and book arts has been awarded by the 2016 Art Gym Artist Award, 2014 Spudnik Press Studio Fellowship, the 2012 St. Louis Artists’ Guild Printmaking Residency, the SLOUP Artists’ Grant award, the 2010 John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Scholarship, and the 2010 Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Award for Outstanding Achievement in Book Design.

Morski’s prints and artists books have been exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions at Spudnik Press (Chicago, IL), The Luminary Center for the Arts (St. Louis, MO), Printed Matter (New York City), the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. In addition to her own artwork, Morski has worked as a project organizer and curator for organizations and galleries including the Curtis Center for the Arts (Greenwood Village, CO), Unison Home (Chicago, IL), The PS Gallery (Columbia, MO), CultureWorks (Grand Rapids, MI), and the Northside Workshop (St. Louis, MO). She is represented in the collections of Washington University in St. Louis, the Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection at SAIC, the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, The University of Denver, and MIT.

Morski earned a BFA in Printmaking from Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Edmund Wuerpel Award for Printmaking. 

All images copyright Kim Morski. All rights reserved.