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All images copyright Kim Morski. All rights reserved. 

Artist Statement

Printmaking is the technical and conceptual framework for Denver-based artist Kim Morski. Recognized for her works on paper, artist books, and participatory projects, Morski examines human nature through the lens of historical and socio-political content. Her method of working is influenced by collage; she combines woodcut, screenprint, and collagraph techniques to piece together text and image in enigmatic, symbolic visual narratives.

Morski expands source material beyond its original context and homes in on details, drawing attention to the peculiar significance of an image or an unsettling phrase. Her recent work, for example, references secret radiological weapons tests conducted in St. Louis, Missouri shortly after WWII. She connects underlying themes of willful deception and complicit action to present-day concerns, such as the U.S. Government’s increasing opacity regarding its surveillance and military activities. While linked to the rich, democratic tradition of political commentary and protest through printmaking, Morski takes a decidedly poetic approach to grappling with conflict and uncertainty. 

About the Artist

Kim Morski is visual artist based in Denver, CO. Her work in printmaking and book arts has been awarded by the 2014 Spudnik Press Studio Fellowship in Chicago, the 2012 St. Louis Artists’ Guild Printmaking Residency, the SLOUP Artists’ Grant award, the 2010 John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Scholarship, and the 2010 Nancy Spirtas Kranzberg Award for Outstanding Achievement in Book Design.

Morski’s prints and artists books have been exhibited nationally in solo and group exhibitions at Spudnik Press (Chicago, IL), Culture Works (Holland, MI), The Luminary Center for the Arts (St. Louis, MO), Printed Matter (New York City), the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. In addition to her own artwork, Morski has worked as a project organizer and curator for organizations and galleries including Unison Home (Chicago, IL), The PS Gallery (Columbia, MO), and the Northside Workshop (St. Louis, MO).

Morski earned a BFA in Printmaking from Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Edmund Wuerpel Award for Printmaking.